Welcome to the world of biology, where the wonders of life and living organisms come to life! We are thrilled to present the KPK Board Class 10th Biology Textbook, now available for easy and convenient PDF download. This comprehensive textbook is specifically designed to meet the curriculum requirements set by the KPK Board, ensuring that students receive a thorough and engaging education in the field of biology.

The Class 10th Biology Textbook is a treasure trove of knowledge, to build the biological concept. Through its engaging content, diagrammatic features, and interactive exercises, this textbook brings biology to life, making it a captivating learning experience.

From the fascinating study of cells and genetics to the exploration of ecosystems and environmental issues, the KPK Board Class 10th Biology Textbook covers a wide range of topics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject. The textbook is carefully structured, providing a logical progression of concepts that enables students to grasp complex ideas with ease.

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Overview Of KPK Board Class 10th Biology Textbook PDF Download

KPK board Class 10th biology textbook contains 9 chapters of different categories such as Human Organ systems, Genetics, Environmental cycles, biotechnology, medicines, etc. A brief overview of the KPK Class 10th biology textbook is given below.

Chapters Included

kPK board class 10th biology textbook consists of the 9 given chapters.

  • Chapter 1: Gaseous Exchange
  • Chapter 2: Homeostasis
  • Chapter 3: Coordination and Control
  • Chapter 4: Support and Movement
  • Chapter 5: Reproduction
  • Chapter 6: Inheritance
  • Chapter 7: Man and his environment
  • Chapter 8: Biotechnology
  • Chapter 9: Pharmacology

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