Download the Biology Book Class 11 in PDF format for free. This biology book is designed by the Punjab Textbook Board for the students who belong to the Punjab Board.

How To Download Biology Book Class 11 PDF

It is very easy to download your desired 1st year biology book (Punjab board). You can download it by clicking the below download button.

Download  biology book class 11

1st Year Biology Book Chapterwise Download

ChaptersChapters NamesMedium
1IntroductionEnglish Medium
2Biological Molecules English Medium
3.EnzymesEnglish Medium
4.The CellEnglish Medium
5.Variety of LifeEnglish Medium
6.Kingdom ProkaryoteEnglish Medium
7.Kingdom ProtistaEnglish Medium
8.Fungi the kingdom of recyclersEnglish Medium
9.Kingdom PlantaeEnglish Medium
10.Kingdom AnimaliaEnglish Medium
11.BioenergeticsEnglish Medium
12.NutritionEnglish Medium
13.Gaseous ExchangeEnglish Medium
14.TransportEnglish Medium

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