Here are the free 2nd year Urdu notes of lesson 1مسلمانوں کا قدیم طرز تعلیم” prepared for the students who belong to the KPK Board. These notes ensure a high score for the students in their F.SC Part II examination.

Overview Of Lesson 1, 2nd Year Urdu Notes

These notes help the students cover their syllabus more efficiently in a very short time. Following are some of the features of these 2nd year Urdu notes.

  • Introductions of authors (تعارف مصنف).
  • Exercise Questions and Answers.
  • Important MCQs regarding Board examinations
  • SLO-Based Questions.
  • Challenging to understand word meanings (مشکل الفاظ معنی )
  • Grammer Questions
education lyceum 2nd year urdu notes

Download 2nd Year Urdu Lesson 1 Notes

You can easily download lesson 1 “مسلمانوں کا قدیم طرز تعلیم” notes for 2nd year Urdu by just clicking the download button.

You can also read these Urdu notes for the 2nd year online by scrolling through the PDF file.

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